Snapshot of Moda Emporium

Different days call for different statements, but the underlying theme should be confidence. Statement accessories are bold and unique and conveys a statement about who the wearer is. By consciously choosing what kind of statement to make, this statement becomes more than just communication to others. 

Hi, my name is Luella and I am the Creative Director behind Moda Emporium.

For me, nothing says CONFIDENCE and STYLE better than statement accessories. Whether it be a glamorous statement earrings that shimmer and shine at a charity gala event or a bold and beautiful necklace that speaks volumes and somehow almost always engages people to strike up a conversation with you...I'll find something suitable just for you.

Our collection is exclusive yet affordable, which means all stock is hand picked. So you'll see a variety of gorgeous, quality, affordable statement accessories, but once it's sold out, it's gone for good to make room for something new and exciting..

I hope you enjoy shopping at Moda Emporium, look forward to hearing from you soon. xx